Badalassi Carlo

Badalssi Carlo is a tannery based in the Tuscany region of Italy producing 100% pure vegetable tanned leather. “Our philosophy of artisan tanners reflects the character of our land, a strong and eclectic land where the traditions are still part of the daily life. For this the Tuscans are persons for whom a middle way does not exist, with a so strong personality sometimes to result even uncomfortable but at the same time generous and sincere. Desecrating and easy going persons like their fathers that came from the land, but also brilliant and creative like their ancestor teachers of the poetry, of the painting and of the sciences, of whom they carry inside the difficult heritage. It is with the consciousness of this culture that we create our vegetable tanned leathers, treated with extracts of trunk and bark inside wood barrels, greased with mixture of animal fats, dried naturally with the time hanging on the ceiling, coloured in drum with dye through and polished with roll of amber stone. Such extremely natural leather, finished without plastic covering substances (pigments) but with aniline only (transparent colouring), is to retain itself one of the greatest articles, for quality, naturalness and features, today on market.

Living leathers that do not fear the comparison with time, like the persons that work them, original and sensitive like all the things created with the hands and with the wood, with the iron and with the stone.

For us tanning means to learn and to test, never imitate, following ancient and secret procedures that graze the alchemy, we research the perfection, but we pay attention not to reach it, in fact each skin of ours has its complicated personality with its qualities and lacks and it is exactly from their deep knowledge that comes out love and respect. We work our skins with the hands, we carve them, we incise them, we colour them, giving them unequalled and refined features. The true quality is given from essence of the skin, and every skin is different from the other ones. We exploit this, with all its own features.” Carlo Badalassi