The Spanish word ‘Pueblo’ derives from Latin and means ‘people’. It refers to the indigenous peoples of the south-western USA who are renowned as being proud individuals with a strong character. The article name ‘Pueblo’ is a tribute to these people.

Produced by the world famous Badalassi Carlo tannery, Pueblo combines ruggedness with elegance. Pure vegetable tanned, dyed through shoulders with a unique rustic appearance. Rubbing the skins with a dry cloth will burnish it brighter as well as moving the colour darker. The more you brush your leathergoods and footwear products, the more ‘lived in’ look you’ll achieve. Pueblo can be treated with natural creams and waxes. The touch to begin is slightly rough on your hands, but even if untreated over the years, the surface will become silky smooth through a natural patina change.