Classic Croc

Our Classic article with a mock crocodile print. We searched far and wide to discover an embossment plate that was possible to cover a whole hide with no repeat pattern! Perfect for those larger panel upholstery jobs. The Classic Croc has a more matte appearance with a medium handle, compared to the original Classic article which has a softer touch and a semi glazed finish. See below our description of the original version.

What we were looking for was a leather specifically for applications where the hide needed would give the appearance look, feel of how leather once was. Not over pigmented and not modern looking enough to be confused with the existing everyday offerings that are flooding the market currently.

Smaller whole hides, tanned and finished in Tuscany, Italy. A luxurious pure aniline polished leather suitable for upholstery, notably classic and vintage car re-trimming, as well as a host of leathergoods and footwear.